Thursday, May 21, 2015

Non- Formal Education

The decision between right and wrong requires reasons and for establishing the reason we need to have knowledge which in turn demands education. Before delivering my thoughts  let’s consider the thoughts of Mr. Jinnah “ come forward as servants of Islam, organize the people economically, socially, educationally and politically and I am sure that you will be a power that will be accepted by everybody”.

For realization of Quaid’s vision, education is an imperative ingredient as it enables individuals in organizing themselves socially, politically and economically. But the so far progress in this field has not showed conformity with dreams of founding father.

Education in its all forms i.e. formal, informal and non-formal is not affluent in our country especially non-formal education. It has its own significance. 

Non formal education seeks to associate key learning concepts that allow children to develop comprehension on various levels. Non formal education is actually flexibility in organization and methods. It is not structured and takes place outside the formal system.

A large number of children in Pakistan are getting their basic education through the non formal education sector but the sector remains largely unexplored, underfunded and neglected by policy makers.

While maintaining equilibrium, it is possible to help, support and educate those who can’t do themselves so far. It is possible to send them to school, help them develop into responsible and contributing citizens and get them off the streets.

Our basic hope is to provide the students a platform where they can continue to build learning. READ Foundation with the collaboration of UK Aid & Ilm Ideas has launched a project in February, 2013 on non formal education in Neelum in this regard. Neelum is a remote district and trails other parts of Azad Kashmir in education. READ Foundation established 35 community Based Accelerated Learning Schools (CBALS). CBALS are established in spaces arranged by local community. Local department of education is also in close coordination not only to build sense of ownership, but also to build a relationship with local government schools to facilitate the enrolment of CBALS students into formal government schools once they complete primary cycle in CBALS. The CBALSs are helping 1050 girls who have never attended or dropped out of school.  Project is in extension phase and will end in July, 2015.

This is just one way. There may be countless ways to contribute helping our kids out of the darkness. Who knows our little contribution might lay the basis of a monumental metamorphosis of our nation’s dark present.

 by: Sarfraz

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